The Sturdiest Burp Cloths To Protect Clothes From Your Little Puke Machine (2024)

New parents, you’re going to need a lot of burp cloths. Because it’s no secret that infants spit up. A LOT. You turn your head one moment and look back only to find their freshly changed outfit covered in regurgitated breast milk or formula. It’s a never ending battle to make sure not only their clothes don’t become stained, but also yours. And whether you’re an expecting mama or simply looking for gift ideas for a baby shower (also ask for a baby bouncer, trust us), just know you can never have too many burp cloths (and diapers!) on hand.

The beauty of burp cloths is their versatility. Aside from being used to protect your clothing during a burp sesh, they’re also great to have on hand when you’re using a public restroom changing station. Hello, germs! Just grab one of your larger burp cloths you have in the diaper bag and lay it down on the table before setting your little one down. Also, as your kiddo ages up and you no longer have to worry about them spitting up after their meals, burp cloths can act as a “blankie” for when they’re playing with dolls or stuffed animals. Stuffed animals deserve to get tucked into bed too! And once you’re no longer in need of burp cloths for their intended purpose down the line, just up-cycle them into dust rags, wash cloths, or cleaning rags!

Nowadays it seems like there are a million options to choose between burp cloths and for new moms or folks just looking for a gift idea, knowing which brands to look at is half the battle. So we did some of the heavy lifting for you. And whether you’re in the market for burp cloths with cute designs, made with organic cotton, or even bamboo, we’ve narrowed down to the 12 best burp cloths every mama should have on hand.

Best Burp Cloths


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The Sturdiest Burp Cloths To Protect Clothes From Your Little Puke Machine (2024)


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