Madden 22's Broken Promises Impact Franchise Users Once Again (2024)

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Madden 22's Broken Promises Impact Franchise Users Once Again (1)


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This year was supposed to be different for Madden 22 and its franchise mode. With over a year to respond to the growing outcries from the community that saw #FixMaddenFranchise become a trending topic on Twitter, the hope was that Madden 22 might finally be the entry in the series that would address some of people’s top complaints and concerns. But with the recent release of an underwhelming update that only added some superficial scenarios that could potentially pop up over the course of a season without touching any of the fundamental issues that need attention, it’s becoming harder now to see any light at the end of this tunnel. While EA may technically be fulfilling its promises by continuing to make updates and additions to franchise mode, it’s readily apparent that these are lagging behind the innovations of other (more lucrative) modes. In other words, these late updates are ending up as the developmental equivalent of lip service.

That said, if anyone was honestly thinking this latest update was going to be anything major was setting yourself up for disappointment. And while this article is for all intents and purposes a rant, it’s not unfair to say the game is fun in a general sense but also a massive disappointment.

Regardless, how did we get to this point and what can be done now to get the revitalization of Madden‘s franchise mode back on track? To help break it all down, let’s go back and review all of the recent events that have led us to where we are now in the hopes of learning more about where and when things went wrong. Then we’ll delve into the details of the latest update, and why it did so little to alleviate the fears of the Madden community concerning how slow progress is happening. Finally, we’ll assess what areas need to become top priorities for EA going forward if they want to begin to earn back the trust of the community and meet the expectations of what most want from a franchise mode.

Madden 22 Franchise Mode

How We Got Here

As any good investigator knows, a key phrase to always bear in mind when trying to get to the bottom of anything is “follow the money.” In the case of Madden‘s franchise, it’s safe to say there’s been a strong correlation between its stagnation and the rise of microtransactions within Madden Ultimate Team. While MUT grew in popularity and became a valuable revenue stream to EA, the franchise mode became more and more neglected, receiving fairly minor and superficial changes year after year. It was likely so much easier to ignore the committed group of franchise players screaming for some attention when EA was up to its ears with MUT money and the franchise mode wasn’t adding anything extra to the pile of cash.

Then came that aforementioned trending hashtag in the summer of 2020 and the push for wholesale updates to franchise finally appeared to be gaining some traction and getting EA’s attention. There were assurances from representatives of EA that franchise mode had not been forgotten and promises that the mode would be receiving worthwhile changes in the near future. Because this all happened so close to the release of Madden 21, the belief was that although it was probably too late to see any huge improvements to that year’s game, Madden 22 would likely be where we would really start to see some changes getting made.

But aside from some small additions and upgrades like the coaching trees, the franchise mode in Madden 22 couldn’t help but be disappointing to anyone who played the mode regularly because it still looked and felt so much like the same one devs had been tinkering with and repainting for the better part of the last decade. EA tried to get out in front of any criticism by announcing that there were three planned updates to the franchise mode that would be unveiled in patches in the coming days. Online franchises were then forced to spend time debating whether or not to wait for an update to scouting that was slated to be part of the first update, with many leagues ultimately deciding to postpone kickoff until whenever it arrived.

They would end up waiting all the way until the middle of October, when EA finally released a patch that introduced the new way of scouting. Even then, many who had decided to wait couldn’t help but wonder whether the new way of scouting actually qualified as an upgrade at all on the old system.

Regardless, there were still two more franchise updates to come and surely those would end up being worth the wait since they were taking even longer with those.

So we waited.

And we waited.

Then we waited some more.

With December looming and still no word of a second franchise update, a report from SportsGamersOnline claimed that not only would there would be no forthcoming second update but there would be no further franchise enhancements at all from EA for Madden 22. EA took a couple of days to refute this story, indicating that the plans of releasing two more franchise updates had not changed and everyone just needed to be a little more patient. After all, it had only been about four months since the game was released by that point. By the time we hit March of 2022 on the calendar, it was getting difficult to believe EA would make good on that update — or for anyone to even remember that there was one planned considering the Super Bowl had already been played a month ago.

The eternal optimist might look at this all and say, “If it’s taken them this long to release the second franchise update, then they must have something really awesome up their sleeves, right?”


Where We Are Now

As it turns out, not so much. After months of holding our collective breath and hoping for the best, the update finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely more of a whimper than a bang. The headlining item to the update would have to be the five new scenarios that could potentially occur over the course of a season, which consist of things like bolstering your offensive line or deciding if you would rather focus on the run or the pass when going up against one of the league’s best defenses. Another one of the scenarios sees you choosing whether to blame the offensive line or the quarterback following a game in which your team yielded a high number of sacks.

The fact that it took so long to come up with a handful of incredibly rudimentary scenarios has to be read as either an admission of neglect on the part of EA, or an indictment of the developers’ abilities (or their tools) if we’re to understand that this is all they can conjure in that span of time. Considering how often MUT gets updated with all sorts of new programs, cards, and currencies, it’s ludicrous to expect that people will believe what’s being touted here is anything even remotely substantial. Instead, what it feels like is that franchise players have yet again been thrown a proverbial bone at the same time they’re looking over the fence at MUT players and seeing them practically swimming in bones. In fact, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if bones suddenly become the newest form of currency introduced in MUT next week.

The big question looming over this entire update that will likely never be answered unless someone wants to risk being sued is whether or not this update would have been released at all if not for that report that no further updates were in the pipeline. Is it possible that EA was prepared to wait it out until the end of Madden 22‘s cycle before having a fire ignited under them by the palpable anger from the franchise community that accompanied that report? This could help explain the slapdash feel of an update that has arrived about a month after the Super Bowl, when many Madden players have already lost their passion for football and are prepared to move on to other games.

Either way, it’s hard to not view the announcement at the game’s release that there would be three franchise updates as something of a classic bait-and-switch in retrospect. Without question, they enticed many people who play Madden for the franchise mode into purchasing Madden 22 with the promise that franchise would become more of a priority, and then they promptly put it on the back-burner. Whether this was intentional or not, it’s the kind of betrayal that has consequences, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see some franchise players walk away from Madden completely now because they feel like they will never be able to trust anything EA says regarding franchise mode again.

A Look Ahead

First things first: the expectations now for that third and final franchise update, if and when it ever actually materializes, could not possibly be any lower now. Will that arrive in June? July? By the time that third update drops, will anyone even be able to finish playing a single season in franchise before Madden 23 is released? It wouldn’t be all that shocking if all that final update included is a couple of new playbooks and one new scenario where you decide whether to yell at your kicker for missing a field goal or coddling him instead. The franchise community will no doubt be livid, but EA will say how they fulfilled their promise of releasing three updates since they never said anything initially about when they would be released and what they would contain. In other words, “We said there would be updates, but we never said anything about them being good updates.”

Since it’s pretty much unanimous that these were not the changes the community was hoping to see in franchise mode, it’s probably worth exploring what kind of improvements people would actually like to have happen in the future, considering most of these will probably not be made in this year’s final update. Here’s just a sampling of some of the larger issues that require some attention going forward if the franchise mode in Madden is ever going to be able to satisfy the demands of a community that has felt ignored (and more recently placated) for too long now.

  • A complete overhaul of the tired development trait system used by Madden for too long now in which all players adhere to four rigid tiers of normal, star, superstar, or superstar X-Factor. Anyone who watches football at any level will be able to tell you that every single player develops at a slightly different rate and there’s no reason Madden can’t reflect that within what they claim to be a simulation.
  • A trade finder tool that takes its cue from NBA 2K22 by allowing you to view offers from around the league for both individual players and packages of players. While they’re at it, further refine the AI trade logic to have CPU teams properly value players and picks.
  • The ability to create your own teams, from the logos and uniforms to the design and layout of the stadium, and then re-align the teams and divisions within the league as desired.
  • Further refinements to the scouting system that put more of an emphasis on draft storylines and provide more ways to determine the upsides and downsides of players prior to to draft day. The old scouting system was obviously flawed, but the new system doesn’t give you enough to do throughout the season to consider it all that much of an upgrade.

These are just the tip of the iceberg though really. The point is that there are plenty of areas within Madden 22‘s franchise mode that are definitely in need of improvement if they were to choose to actually make it a priority rather than simply telling people that it’s a priority. EA has done nothing but erode the trust of the community with their handling of franchise mode in Madden 22 throughout the game’s cycle. First, they let a lot of people down by not making the kind of major changes many were expecting when the game was initially released. From there, they made matters worse by promising updates to the mode that were less impactful than desired and have taken far too long to come out. When it comes to the third and final update, that remains to be seen, but it would have to take something shockingly substantial at this point to even begin to convince those in the franchise community that EA has any intention of investing in the mode.


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Why do players disappear in Madden 22 Franchise Mode? ›

My best guess was that you had the head coach line edits turned on and the coach sent those players down, who were then picked up of waivers.

How many times can you franchise tag a player in Madden 22? ›

Some players just don't want to sign with you no matter how generous of a contract offer you give them. Luckily, you can franchise tag 1 player per season so you don't lose them to free agency.

Can you recover a deleted franchise in Madden 23? ›

There is no way for you to recover it.

Are Madden 22 franchise updates Cancelled? ›

EA Sports has confirmed that it will continue to update and support Madden NFL 22's Franchise mode after reports suggested that the developer would not release any further updates for it.

Can a player refuse a franchise tag? ›

Can a player reject a franchise or transition designation? No. A player cannot become an unrestricted free agent by refusing a franchise or transition tag.

What happens when you franchise tag a player twice? ›

As far as franchise tagging a player on more than one occasion is concerned, teams can take that call but it ends up costing them a lot of money. For instance, a player who gets franchise tagged for the second consecutive time, gets 120% of the salary he received in the first year when he was tagged.

Can you keep franchise tagging the same player? ›

The franchise tag is a one-year deal and all 32 teams have the option of tagging one player per year during free agency. This can be done both exclusively and non-exclusively. They are two of the types of franchise tag, while the other is a transition tag.

Why did Madden delete my franchise? ›

Some Madden 23 players lost their Franchise save files after a data storage issue corrupted saves over the holidays. The worst part is this happened at the same time that I got to the point in my franchise where there wasn't an OC to hire. The annoying thing is apparently that has been an issue for a couple years now.

Why did my Madden franchise get deleted? ›

Players trying to log in to the Madden Franchise server around this time experienced a data storage error noting Leagues were unavailable, subsequently corrupting their Online Franchise, Connected Franchise Mode Leagues, and Face of the Franchise files.

Can you sell your Madden account? ›

As sellers, they can put any price on their Madden 22 Account to sell. It is, after all, their account. Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep the price close to the account's actual value.

Can you get banned for trading in Madden 22? ›

You can also get banned if you buy Coins. Buying “mule” accounts or performing comfort trades is also not allowed. These things are against our gameplay rules because they have a negative impact on the game economy, and they damage gameplay for you and other players. When in doubt, don't do it.

Will EA lose Madden license? ›

EA will remain in possession of the “Madden” license and development rights through at least 2026. The deal will allow EA to develop new games both in the “Madden NFL” franchise and outside it.

Will all Madden be reaired? ›

After a successful debut on December 25, 2021, the John Madden documentary, All Madden, will be reaired with an amended date. The documentary was set to be reaired on January 3, 2022.

Is face of the Franchise worth it in Madden 22? ›

Bottom Line. If you're determined to create an NFL prospect in Madden 22 with the hopes of going from college to the Hall of Fame, Face of the Franchise: United We Stand is not worth the playthrough. Beyond the initial story component, there's just not enough to keep me engaged and pursuing a Hall of Fame outcome.

What happens when you retire in Madden 22? ›

Then choose “Retire”. IMPORTANT: Choose “Create a new Character” and NOT “Retire from the League”. Retiring from the league means your franchise will be gone forever. A warning will pop up stating all of your progress will be lost with that character.

Can you get traded in face of the Franchise? ›

While you can't directly request a trade in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise, that doesn't mean you're stuck with the same team forever. Madden 23 sticks to the contracts that have been established, but about halfway through your first season you may be approached about an extension.

Is a franchise tag good or bad? ›

The jury remains out on the franchise tag. There are obvious advantages for both sides: the teams and players. Teams get to retain a key player, one that likely might appear to be headed out, with relatively minimal negotiating while the players get a nice check to pad their pockets.

How much would Lamar Jackson franchise tag be? ›

Jackson's tag will cost the Ravens $32.416 million in 2023, and they'll have until July 17 to reach a multi-year extension with the 2019 AP NFL Most Valuable Player before that number becomes permanent.

Has Lamar Jackson been franchise tagged? ›

The Ravens have used the franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Ravens used the non-exclusive franchise tag. The non-exclusive tag comes with a 2023 salary of $32.4 million, which is about 13 million less than the exclusive tag would have cost.

How many times can a franchise tag be used? ›

Teams are limited to using the franchise tag only three times on a player. While it can put on a bind on a player's future, it also can become quite lucrative if someone is tagged that many times. A player tagged for a second straight season would be owed 120 percent of their previous season's salary.

Can you franchise tag someone twice? ›

A player can receive a franchise tag up to three times. Each time, however, the cost skyrockets. A player that receives a franchise tag for the second time sees their salary automatically increase by 20%. If the player receives the tag for a third time, their salary jumps by 44% from the previous year.

How many consecutive times can a player be franchise tagged? ›

A player can be franchise-tagged a maximum of three times; before such, a player must be offered a new contract. This rule ensures that the player is not forced to endure under market deals for too long. Furthermore, for each season a player is hit with the franchise tag, such a player's contract will increase.

How many times can you franchise tag a player in Madden? ›

The maximum number of times a tag can be applied is three times. It is not usually a concern because of the way the cost escalates when a player is tagged multiple times. A second-straight franchise tag will see a player's salary automatically increase by 20%.

Can a team pull the franchise tag? ›

The current CBA allows for each team to use the franchise or transition tag only once. Even though teams can rescind it before the aforementioned mid-July deadline, every team has only one shot at naming a franchise player.

How does unrestricted franchise tag work? ›

“The NFL franchise tag is a mechanism that allows teams to keep a player on their roster for one additional season each time the tag is applied, even if their contract has expired and the player is eligible for free agency.

Is Madden going to end? ›

The Madden franchise will continue to be a part of the gaming universe for at least the next six years. NFL owners on Thursday approved an extension of their deal with Electronic Arts, continuing a relationship that has existed for 30 years.

Can you recover deleted franchise Madden 22? ›

As scary as that look can be, there is an easy fix as you'll just need to force close the game and reload it from scratch. You can do this by power cycling your console or backing out to a console home screen and closing that game application before launching it again.

Can you recover deleted franchise in Madden? ›

If deleted they are forever gone.

How many years is a Madden franchise? ›

Most versions of Madden give a player 30 years with their franchise, sometimes with an opportunity to apply for the Hall of Fame at the end of the simulation.

How do you get unbanned from Madden? ›

Re: How do I get my EA account unbanned so I can play Madden NFL 21?
  1. Click Contact us at the top of any page on EA Help.
  2. Select the game that your account was banned or suspended from. ...
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Select Manage my account, then Banned or suspended account.
  5. Fill out any other details below.

Did Madden 23 remove franchise mode? ›

UPDATED: Madden 23 Franchise Mode is once again back up and available for players. The Madden NFL Direct account updated players but didn't provide any details as to what caused the problem in the first place. Franchise is ungated for all platforms.

Do people play Madden for money? ›

If you have ever wanted to make money playing Madden, this is the site for you. To earn a living from playing Madden NFL 23 you need to be decent enough at the game to win some Madden Wagers. Alternatively, you can also make some great income by competing in daily madden cash prize tournaments on GameChampions.

Can you get banned on Madden for trading players? ›

@InZaNE_Phoenix9 yes, if the trades are one-sided (i.e. if you transfer a lot of high-value items to his account but receive only a few low value items).

Can I play Madden for money? ›

Cash Prize MADDEN NFL 23 Tournaments

GamerSaloon has been hosting cash prize video game tournaments since 2006. MADDEN 23 tournaments launch daily and payout instantly. Tournaments are held on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. Download the GamerSaloon app and browse all the open challenges and tournaments.

Can you refund Madden 22? ›

You can make a refund request:

Within 24 hours after you first launch the game.

What is the trade limit in Madden 22? ›

Trading – NEW – During the pre-season you are permitted to make a maximum of four trades (one per week). Two trades can involve acquiring draft picks. Two more trades can be made that are player for player.

How much does EA pay John Madden? ›

John Madden Endorsem*nts

As a result of the deal, the late John Madden still earns $2 million in royalties from EA Sports each year. Madden had also worked with brands such as Ace Hardware, Toyota, Miller Lite, Verizon, Outback and Tinactin in the past.

How much does EA pay for NFL license? ›

The deal will reportedly provide $1 billion to the NFL and $500 million to the players during this time, with another $500 million in marketing commitments. According to Albert Breer of The MMQB, the deal will run through the 2025 season but can extend through 2026 if certain revenue thresholds are reached.

Will EA lose the rights to NFL? ›

EA may not have exclusivity on NFL video games any longer, but it has kept the rights to one aspect of the license, today announcing a multi-year exclusive esports deal renewal with the league.

Who will replace John Madden? ›

Madden would also produce the famous Madden video games, and he also did promotions for other big name companies. Cris Collinsworth will replace Madden in the booth.

What age do players decline in Madden? ›

At what age do players regress in Madden? When it comes to regression, it is a very basic premise; most players regress in their early 30s, and some regress in their late 20s. Very few hold onto their overalls when they are 8 to 9 years into the league and it becomes a fight to keep them at their overall.

Why do players disappear in Madden 22 franchise mode? ›

My best guess was that you had the head coach line edits turned on and the coach sent those players down, who were then picked up of waivers.

What is the issue with Madden 2023? ›

EA's "most polished" Madden, Madden 23, suffered what the company is calling a "data storage issue" that resulted in 60 percent of the franchise modes logged in during a specific timeframe to be permanently corrupted.

Why do icons disappear in Madden? ›

I understand that if you hold the ball for too long, eventually the icons will disappear as at that point the receivers are pretty much out of range for the QB. Historically this usually happens at least once the receiver get into the secondary and beyond the safeties.

Why did John Madden refuse to fly? ›

The football legend said his fear of flying stemmed from claustrophobia, though many believed it was from the California Polytechnic State University football team plane crash that took place on Oct. 29, 1960. Madden graduated Cal Poly in 1958 and had friends that died on the flight.

Why was a lawsuit filed against Madden? ›

A class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday claims Electronic Arts has violated antitrust laws with its Madden football game series. A class-action lawsuit alleges that videogame publisher Electronic Arts has violated California antitrust and consumer-protection laws by overcharging for its popular Madden football games.

What is the controversy with Madden? ›

The Madden 23 celebration that has since sparked controversy involves one player lying down on the pitch while another pretends to administer CPR, Insider Gaming reports. A third player then arrives to pretend to use a defibrillator.

What is the best franchise strategy in Madden 22? ›

Fantasy draft. The best way to play Franchise mode in Madden 22 is to run a fantasy draft at the very beginning. Fantasy drafts empty every team's roster and completely re-draft the entire league, allowing you to build the team of your dreams if you make your picks wisely.


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